Saturday, A Day For Words

It’s cool and gloomy in the land of the Tweaks. Perfect for cozying up to your manuscript and getting some work done.

Of course, I have volunteering today. But! I’ll get lots of drafting done on the subway. Huzzah for phones with full keyboards! The evening will be for more edits on OMG the Apocalypse.

How about it, guys? How is your Saturday shaping up? Marisa already sent some emails for edits while I was still in bed. She is way more on top of this than I am … 😉


10 thoughts on “Saturday, A Day For Words

  1. Yeah, I have so much work to do today and, being a morning person, I wanted to get an early start. I’m working on my novel first since that’s my favourite project. Somehow I spent an hour just making tiny tweaks! (Hence our group name.)

    It is indeed gloomy today! Usually the sun shines into my room in the morning and it’s great. I don’t really want to use the word “gloomy” though – it’s nice and fall-like 🙂

  2. The little tweaks can be sooo time consuming. But so worth it when you get a polished manuscript 😀

    Hahaha, I always think of “gloomy” as a good thing (just like anything that makes curling up with a cat and a book the best option for the day~). I love Fall. It’s my favourite season.

  3. I love curling up with my cat and a good book 🙂

    I created a file today with little tweaks to make before I send the book off – things that could you spend 10 minutes agonizing over but that might take only seconds to figure out another time. Just an idea for anyone in the same boat!

  4. Hey speedy gonzales. After a long and busy week I decided to take it easy today. I got up pretty early, but lazed around while devouring on my first three cups of tea for the day before heading off to the swimming pool. Came home guzzled down another few cups of tea when my dog stood on his hind paws and said ‘enough is enough take me for walk now. I want to chase some Squirrels.’ So off we went for our walk, taking our favourite route where there are no other humans in sights. One thing that stood out on this morning’s walk was the leaves changing color. How beautiful they look, I smiled. But hold on, these leaves are dying. They must be really sad? I thought. I felt a ping of sadness for them. As I continued my walk admiring the cocktail of yellows, browns and oranges I couldn’t help but feel cheerful again. It made me wonder why/how these quaint silent beings emanate such beauty and force a smile on every face that notes and appreciates their exquisiteness. How strange is nature!!!

  5. You guys are right . It is a perfect day to write. But i probably won’t get a chance to work on my writing. So much to do. But still I’m going to try to squeeze few hours in the evening.That’s if I don’t go to the movies. Gravity is out. Must see it!!!

  6. As you guys can see I abandoned my house work today and sat in front of my laptop all day eating and catching up on e-mails. The sad thing is, I still haven’t started working on my story.
    Oh well, tomorrow is another day and my plan is: I am going to ask the squirrel in the backyard to take my dog for a walk. I am going to ask the dog to clean the house and I shall work on my story. Just hope the trees won’t miss me too much.

  7. Wow, what a day! If you can convince the dog to clean the house, I know tons of people will want to know your secret!

    Your reflection on the trees is really inspiring. Lots of deep thought on that cocktail of colours. I think of the leaves of a tree like our hair or skin, regularly shedding once they’ve finished playing their part.

    I went out and took pictures of the leaves :3 So pretty! My home town didn’t really have maples, so these trees are still special for me!

  8. Shoot! I had promised my dog I won’t tell anyone he cleans the house for me. Kind of pride thing amongest the dogs. Just hope he won’t log onto my computer and read our blog. He He He.
    Your intake on the trees and leaves is also very interesting. I never thought of it like that. Love to see the pictures at our next meet.

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