Team Tweak TO is a writing group based in Ontario, Canada, and established in June, 2012. Currently, Team Tweak is composed of Gina Brar, Marisa Baratta, and Leona Carver. They meet to point out each other’s writing flaws while brandishing hot teas, and then provide brilliant ideas and earnest appreciation of every writer’s strengths. Although the group was established when members were working on young adult novels, the work they have done since has extended to children’s early readers and adult romance and science fiction.

Members are devoted to improving their skills in writing, increasing their knowledge of the publishing industry, and supporting each other to achieve their goals in writing and publishing. With these goals in mind, Team Tweak engages in the following activities:

  • Biweekly meetings where members go over each other’s work and provide comment,

  • Reviewing query letters,

  • Discussions of the latest trends in the industry,

  • Attending workshops,

  • Collecting information about the technical aspects of writing and the writing lifestyle by keeping up to date with other authors and groups,

  • And refreshing their hearts and minds by spending time with kindred spirits.

Team Tweak strives for the betterment of its members and the industry in general; they offer critiquing services, reviews, and a platform to ask questions about writing, editing, and publishing. The team posts regularly about all of these issues and more, and welcomes questions and comments.

So feel free to contact them via email or leave a comment on the blog and they will do their best to get an engaging conversation going.


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