Leona Carver

Leona Carver lurks in a Canadian basement with a cat and an aerospace engineer, one of whom helps with the science while the other scratches at the window to get out. She crafts novels and short stories in a variety of genres, from young adult supernatural to romantic science-fiction to horror. No matter which genre, Leona’s focus is breathing life into strong characters who grow and form meaningful relationships as they affect the worlds around them.

When Leona isn’t banging her head against her keyboard, she prepares for the post-apocalypse by running, kickboxing, reviving ancient dances and recipes, and training her hand-eye coordination with joysticks and a D-pad.

Leona recently published her debut novel: ‘Piper,’ a science-fiction take on the Pied Piper of Hamelin, published through Less Than Three Press and released in September 2013.

Leona’s next work will be released in March, 2014: A novella about mermaids published through Less Than Three Press.

Other places where Leona can be found:


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