Remembrance Day

Even when we’re buried in our stories and other worlds, it’s important to pop our heads up and acknowledge the sacrifices made by soldiers around THIS world to fight for their countries, families, friends, and sometimes perfect strangers. Although war itself isn’t something that I support, I do, however, feel awed and grateful for the people who are willing to lay down their lives for others. Because sometimes there’s very little choice, and sometimes the war is about human rights and protecting those who can’t protect themselves. And it amazes me that there are people out there who are willing to leave their homes and fight to try and make the world better.

On this day, remember them. Not just the big wars, but the smaller conflicts and the humanitarian aid missions. And not just the soldiers, but their families who support them and helped them carry on, and those who lost them.

To the heroes:  Thank you.


Thanks for looking out for us.


Saturday, A Day For Words

It’s cool and gloomy in the land of the Tweaks. Perfect for cozying up to your manuscript and getting some work done.

Of course, I have volunteering today. But! I’ll get lots of drafting done on the subway. Huzzah for phones with full keyboards! The evening will be for more edits on OMG the Apocalypse.

How about it, guys? How is your Saturday shaping up? Marisa already sent some emails for edits while I was still in bed. She is way more on top of this than I am … 😉